Updates on the Venezuelan Embassy – Jacqui Voltaire

I held off on this in hopes that there would be more videos from today to share. Medea sis one earlier today, but when I went to view it is had been taken down. At the end of this e-mail I am sharing something that has been sent out by the mob to slander one of the Protector allies who I know personally and who in no shape or form did anything but try to deliver something to the Protectors. I want to make sure the truth is out there.
PS:If you want to stop getting these updates on Venezuelan Embassy please let me know.

Medea Benjamin

Poor people’s campaign from Philly has arrived at Venezuela embassy !!!! Yeah

Alliance For Global Justice

Alliance For Global Justice was live.

Here is the real video: https://twitter.com/realalexrubi/status/1124448547624112128?s=21

The original person who posted the video is named Marlon Correa. He runs this account “Ask a Venezuelan.”
Marlon Correa and his father Pedro Correa were at the marches (both were extremely aggressive and trying to start fights). Both father and son are video producers who have experience editing videos. They clearly sped the video up to make it look like Dean was attacking the woman. 
Let me know if I can help in any other way! Thank you Dean for your sacrifice and thank you for supporting the cause!

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