Petition: Moms Clean Air Force

Today, along with moms from around the country, I’m heading into a virtual meeting to fight against Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s latest attack on our children’s health.

Ground-level ozone, or smog, is one of the most widespread air pollutants in the US. It can cause asthma attacks and lung infections – the same respiratory health issues that make people more susceptible to the worst impacts of COVID-19. Communities of color face a disproportionate burden of exposure to smog, with children and older adults being most vulnerable. Right now, EPA is weighing whether to strengthen national standards for smog. We need stronger protections to keep families safe. But we are concerned that the EPA is getting ready to propose standards that don’t adequately protect Americans from smog.

The very breath of thousands of Americans is threatened. Moms will not stand for it.

Add your name to Moms Clean Air Force’s petition and raise your voice today to ensure Congress addresses this glaring inequity.

Today we’re speaking with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the federal agency that is doing a review of this proposal, sharing the dangerous impacts ground level ozone has on communities. We are sharing the stories of families in some of the most smog-polluted cities: Denver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. And we are demanding that they protect our families from smog.

Just in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, Wheeler has launched the following attacks on our health and families:

    • He has gutted tailpipe pollution standards, which will increase air pollution in our communities, force drivers to spend more at the pump, and exacerbate the ongoing climate crisis.


    • He has granted a pollution waiver for industry, giving polluters a green light to pollute during the coronavirus pandemic.


    • He has proposed too-weak standards for fine particle pollution, ignoring the considerable science linking even low levels of this type of pollution to lung infections, heart attacks, and early death.


    • He has moved to censor the types of scientific research that EPA can consider when setting pollution standards.


  • And he has continued his campaign to weaken protections from toxic mercury emissions, which come from coal fired power plants and are particularly harmful to babies.

Each and every one of these attacks is connected by one harrowing theme, core to this EPA’s strategy: putting polluter profits over people, disproportionately harming communities of color. Wheeler’s EPA knows this, but they go ahead.

We must fight against EPA’s racist agenda from every angle, at every point in the process. Today, we’re raising our voices against the latest attack with the Office of Management and Budget. But we need Congress on our side as well.

Send a message to your representatives today to urge them to put a stop to the EPA’s racist agenda.

The EPA is responsible for protecting human health and the environment. The color of a person’s skin does not exempt them from that protection. Trump’s EPA under Andrew Wheeler’s leadership is actively harming communities of color. We must fight back.

For clean air,

Molly Rauch
Public Health Policy Director
Moms Clean Air Force

P.S. It’s up to our community of over one million moms, dads, and children’s health advocates to keep speaking up, demanding a stop to these attacks, once and for all.

Tell your representatives – these attacks must stop.


Petition: US Companies and Rainforest destruction

Please sign the petition: Demand U.S. companies stop contributing to rainforest destruction immediately!

The fires that devastated the Amazon in the summer of 2019 were deliberately set to clear land in the rainforest for agricultural purposes. What’s more, there’s evidence that this development in the Amazon is fueled, in part, by our own consumer dollars.

Firms that fuel the destruction of the Brazilian Amazon openly trade with and receive financing from a range of companies and major investors in the U.S. This means U.S. companies are not only financing rainforest destruction, they also financed the disastrous Amazon fire.

We must demand U.S. based companies divest and/or stop bankrolling Brazilian companies that are the source of the destruction.

Sign the petition: Demand U.S. companies stop financing Amazon destruction.

Thanks for all you do,
Erin Tulley, Daily Kos

Petition: Climate Reality Project

The climate crisis won’t wait for the pandemic to end. Neither can we.

Not when the Arctic hits 100 degrees. Not when nearly every wildfire season is a record-breaker. Not when those who suffer the most in a warmer world are the same poor families and communities of color hit hardest by COVID-19 and legacies of discrimination and racism.

We know it’s time to act. We need leaders who do too.

Stand with The Climate Reality Project and the climate majority by demanding bold action on climate change from our elected leaders.

It’s time for our leaders to rise to the moment. To leave fossil fuels behind and halt rising temperatures while we have time. To build a just clean energy economy that works for families and workers instead of just the wealthy. To confront the racism and inequity at the heart of our system head-on.

Because the only way we can solve these challenges and build the world we want is together.

We get it. You get it. It’s time for leaders who get it too.

Fight for a better future with the climate majority: Sign our petition demanding elected leaders act now.

Our future is on the line. The world we give our children is on the line. But the solutions are in our hands and a better future is possible. Join us.

– Your friends at The Climate Reality Project

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Petition: stop plastic in the oceans

Oceana, Protecting the World's Oceans

According to news reports, Amazon shipped approximately 7 billion packages last year – that’s nearly one package for every person in the world. These packages are often packaged with plastic bags, pillows, bubble wrap and more. Plastic that can end up in the oceans and devastate marine life.

17.6 billion pounds of plastic waste enters our oceans every year, about a garbage truck’s worth every minute. The impacts can’t be ignored: Sea turtles choke to death trying to eat plastic bags, wraps and coverings, mistaking such pollution for jellyfish. Whales wash ashore dead, their bellies full of plastic.

Amazon can help protect our oceans and marine life and to address the plastic pollution crisis by listening to their customers and others. Recent surveys, commissioned by Oceana, show that around the world people like you overwhelmingly care about our oceans and want Amazon to offer a plastic-free choice, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic when more people are dependent on online shopping than ever before!

Right now, when an Amazon customer goes to checkout they have no way to avoid plastic packaging, no choice.

More than 450,000 people have already signed the petition on asking Amazon to provide them with plastic-free choices and we desperately need you to add your name to make it clear to Amazon that this is what people want and need. This is a company that says it truly listens to its customers. So, let’s show them how much people care and get Amazon to take real steps to reduce plastic.

Tell Amazon to give customers a plastic-free choice at checkout to help fight the ocean plastic pollution crisis >>

Tell Amazon you want plastic-free choices

Recycling and hollow commitments won’t save our oceans: Only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled. Much of plastic packaging is made of plastic film or mixes of different plastics which have very low recycling rates and often end up in landfills. Many local recycling centers won’t even accept these kinds of plastics. And, articles just last year detailed how many plastic mailers used by Amazon are not easily recycled and have jammed up machines at recycling centers.

More and more people are shopping online due to the COVID-19 crisis, which means more and more plastic packaging that could go on to pollute our oceans. The results of a YouGov poll, commissioned by Oceana, clearly show that Amazon customers want plastic-free choices:

  • 85% of Amazon customers surveyed in the United States are concerned about plastic pollution and its impact on the oceans and the environment.
  • 92% of those surveyed are upset, disappointed, angry, and or surprised that only 9% of plastic ever produced has been recycled.
  • 73% of Amazon Prime members would use a plastic-free choice of packaging at checkout if offered.

Amazon can make this impactful change for our oceans. The company’s packaging and materials lab has created lightweight plastic-free packaging, including a new mailer that the company reports have been used 100 million times. The company is known for its innovation in delivery technology and has made commitments to protect the environment, including a pledge to be zero carbon by 2040 and recently announced it eliminated non-recyclable plastic in packaging across its Fulfilment Centers in India.

But despite statements from CEO Jeff Bezos that Amazon is “obsessed” with meeting the needs and wants of its customers, the company has made no public commitment to offer its customers what they want – the ability to avoid plastic packaging.

That’s why I’m asking you to speak up today. Amazon and Bezos will no longer be able to ignore their impact on our oceans if our wave of voices continues to build.

Add your name today: Tell Amazon to help stem the tide of plastic pollution flooding into our oceans by giving customers a plastic-free packaging choice at checkout >>

With your support, we can get Amazon to take this step and start to reduce plastic.

Victoria Zelvin
For the oceans,
Victoria Zelvin
Senior Digital Campaigner

Petition: Amazon plastic in the ocean

Billions of pounds of plastic end up in the ocean each year and Nicole thinks Amazon can help stop it. So do the 270,000+ people who have signed her petition asking the retail giant to offer plastic-free packaging. Nicole is researching how to pilot plastic-free Amazon packaging in her home town of Long Island. She needs continued support for it to be successful – join the movement to reduce Amazon waste now.
Get Amazon to Offer Plastic-Free Packaging Options
Nicole Delma started this petition to Amazon​.​com and it now has 295,212 signatures
Sign now with a click
Thousands of the products on Amazon are shipped with plastic wrapping and cushioning materials unnecessarily.

We are petitioning for a ‘Plastic-free’ option at checkout and ‘Plastic-free’ labeling available for sellers who already choose eco alternatives.

It’s unfair that so much plastic is being put into the world when it is avoidable and safe eco options to replace bubble wrap, shrink wrap and styrofoam are available.

According to scientists, about 17.6 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean annually and there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans. Why add more?

Please grant consumers the choice to go ‘Plastic-free’. It’s not acceptable for major businesses to leave consumers with so few choices and we are fed plastic we didn’t ask for that later ends up in landfills or in our rivers and oceans. Plastic-free choices should be accessible and plentiful if we want to see lasting change and a dramatic decrease in plastic waste.  Let’s take a big step forward and make ‘Plastic-free’ a regular option on all checkout forms. Amazon has an opportunity to set a GREAT example.

Sign now with a click
Visit petition page
At, we believe in the voice of everyday people. Is there something that you want to change?
Start a petition today

Sign your support for the Green New Deal!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress

Progressive policies are popular.

The corporate media and naysayers might try to convince us that we should compromise our values, but the facts just don’t lie.

In Iowa, 92% of caucus-goers said that they support the Green New Deal — our plan to transform our energy infrastructure, reach net-zero emissions, and create millions of union-wage jobs for communities that have been left behind.

But as we speak, many in the Democratic Party still refuse to believe it’s possible to rise to the occasion of the climate crisis. Will you sign your name to become a citizen co-sponsor of the Green New Deal?

Sponsor the GND »

The Green New Deal was introduced just over one year ago. In that time, with the help of organizations like the Sunrise Movement, we’ve built an incredible consensus in the Democratic Party.

But the Green New Deal isn’t just popular with Democrats. Huge margins of independents and even Republicans support it, because Americans from all walks of life understand the necessity of saving our planet.

We can’t let fear goad us into inaction. Sign your name to become a citizen co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and demand that our leaders rise to meet this crisis.

Sponsor the GND »

Passing a Green New Deal is not just a plan to save our planet — but a chance for us to come together, to improve the lives of millions, and to ensure a better quality of life for our children. Let’s get to work.

In solidarity,

Team AOC

Petition: Stop Comrade Trump’s attacks on federal preserves and protected wilderness.

Time Utah

This is inexcusable.

Trump’s attack on our planet now includes the largest elimination of protected land in American history.

Trump cut the size of Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument by a shocking 85%, and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by almost 50%.

Now, he’s urging fossil fuel companies to drill and mine (even though his administration is being sued over the reductions AND companies haven’t expressed that much interest).

We’re determined to end Trump’s reign of environmental destruction in November, but we need all the support we can get. Will you join us in the fight? Click here to add your name.


Trump and the GOP couldn’t care less about our planet’s future. They can’t see past their dark-money glasses to care enough. They have absolutely no business running anything, let alone the U.S. government.

Join us in sending a clear message to Trump and his polluting cronies: protected lands are NOT for sale.


Thanks for standing with us.

314 Action

Petition: Protect the Environmental Protection Agency

download (5)You’ve already heard about Trump’s proposed budget cuts to our social safety net. But it gets worse….

This is another reason why we can’t let his budget become law.

Say NO to cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Environmental Programs. Demand Trump’s budget does not become law →


Under Trump’s budget, there would be a 26 percent cut to the EPA. 26%!

50 EPA programs would be eliminated, and the research and development funding would be cut in half.

Do you care about the EPA and our environmental programs? Because 314 does, that is why we are vehemently opposed to this budget proposal.

Say NO to cuts to the EPA and Environmental Programs. Demand Trump’s budget does not become law →


Thank you,

314 Action

Petition to Protect Humpback Whale Habitat

Sign Oceana’s petition and tell NMFS to protect the critical habitat that humpback whales call home on the U.S. West Coast >>


Humpback whales off the U.S. West Coast need your help. Horrific commercial whaling decimated humpback whales, and while some populations have recovered, others remain endangered or threatened with extinction. Right now, we have a chance to help these whales by establishing critical habitat protections in the ocean areas where they feed.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is considering establishing more than 175,000 square nautical miles of ocean off California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska as critical habitat for humpback whales. This would expand vital protections for these whales under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and help make sure they have enough food to eat at their summer feeding grounds — but only if we act now.

YOU have an opportunity to voice your support for humpback whales right now. NMFS has invited members of the public to comment on the proposed protections, and we must do all we can to protect iconic humpback whales. Special interests are already trying to weaken these proposed protections. We can’t let that happen.

To this day, the ESA is one of our nation’s most effective laws – successfully preventing more than 99% of species under its care from going extinct. Critical habitat designations like this one are a crucial part of the success of the ESA by helping to prevent the destruction of habitat and harm of vulnerable marine life.

We know that these protections will make a real impact on the recovery of vulnerable humpback whale populations. Humpback whales come to waters off the U.S. West Coast and Alaska to feed, primarily on krill, herring, anchovy and other forage fish – some of the same forage species that Activists like you have helped us win victories to protect. Protecting humpback critical habitat will help ensure that there is enough food for these whales to thrive.

Establishing critical habitat protections now will also reinforce existing protections by safeguarding their homes, giving humpback whales the best chance at recovery. Robert, will you add your voice to make them a reality?

Sign the petition now: Tell NMFS to protect humpback whales and establish critical habitat along the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska >>

We know how to save vulnerable humpback whales, we just need to act NOW.

For the oceans,
Ben Enticknap
Pacific Campaign Manager and Senior Scientist

Join World War Zero to fight for a net zero emissions economy

This is a war for our future.

Pollution kills millions every year. There’s a war on facts, science, and common sense that’s prevented us from doing what we all know we must do.

We have started World War Zero because we have no choice but to wage and win the war to realize a net zero emissions economy and end the climate crisis.

We will bring together an unlikely group of allies, with diverse backgrounds and beliefs, united by a common mission. Together, we’ll make World War Zero unlike anything we’ve seen before. And that’s important because the war ahead will only be won with bold tactics and fresh perspectives. Now, I’m asking you to take the next big step to support our mission.

This is a battle for our future, our very lives — a struggle against denial, distraction, and delay.

To win this war, World War Zero will forge new alliances. Included in our ranks are Democrats and Republicans and Independents, artists and diplomats, retired military leaders and young climate activists, business leaders and consumer advocates — and you.

Together, we will cut through the noise. We will deliver the message that the climate crisis is a threat to more than just the environment. It’s a threat to our jobs, our health, and our security. This message will resonate in all quarters, change minds, and turn the tide.

Winning this war demands bold proposals. Winning requires beating back efforts to delay progress, distort the truth, and deny reality. Winning depends on new strategies, new tactics, and new alliances. It’s time to win this war, and we need your help.

Join the World War Zero army today: Add your name to join the fight to end the climate crisis.


John Kerry
World War Zero

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