Maine: Lisa Savage, Green Party candidate to oppose Susan Collins.

download (1).jpgSo most of you know Lisa Savage. We also know that other candidates running for US Senate have TV ads already and tons of money to use. We just have each other and our networks of Maine family and friends and our social media to share this info with. To that end I ask that you share the info I am sharing with you today with family, friends, and your social media. [feel free to write an article for the papers, using her web site] I am also including here the video of her campaign rally she did in Congress Square Park:

We also need as many of you as can to register Green by January first to sign her petition to get her on the ballot. [you can always switch back to what you were registered as after you sign.] And as always if you can volunteer with the campaign on her web site. We are looking for phone bankers right now. I will be sending an e-mail out about a phone banking party here in Portland on Nov.22nd. Lisa is the candidate of the People and it is going to take us all to get her on the ballot.
This is how the state of Maine should be represented, by someone who can take this state from a major weapons making state to a state that makes Green jobs for infrastructure and clean renewable energy and leads the other states out of this weapons making madness that keeps us in these wars for profit killing people around the world and billions of dollars from the American people to do so leaving folks homeless and without medical coverage. Please go to and sign on to her campaign.. It is time Maine to lead for the People,Planet and Peace.

Venezualan Embassy Fiasco – Jacqui Voltaire

Our four Embassy protection collective out of jail and out from the first court hearing. The arraignment under which they are able to leave —-the next hearing is June 12. I got back on line at 3PM and have been watching and adding all these videos to this Update. There may be more from the Code Pink House where they are now so I might do a Third Update if so.

This is them at the Code Pink House giving a briefing.

Ann Wright

Ann Wright was live.

Medea Benjamin

Medea Benjamin was liv

Our four Embassy protection collective out of jail and out from the first court hearing. The arraignment under which they are able to leave —-the next hearing is June 12

Ann Wright

Our four Embassy protection collective out of jail and out from the first court hearing. The arraignment under…


5 hrs · 

Update from Ann Wright regarding the status of the four arrested Venezuelan Embassy Protectors and the building itself.
Attached is a video from RealNews that describes what happened at the Embassy over the last month and gives a complete overview of the situation.
The four Embassy Protection Collective members, Kevin Zeese, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Dr. Adrienne Pine and David Paul arrested yesterday will appear today at 1:45pm at the Federal “Pettyman” Court, courtroom 5, 333 Constitution Ave. Bring your ID.
Remember Saturday at noon-big demo at the Venezuelan Embassy to continue our protests of the US government violating international law.
The Real News has a great video about the violation of the Venezuelan Embassy and the arrest of four Embassy Protection Collective.

After more than a month of living in the Venezuelan embassy, DC police and secret service broke…

HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!!!!! Love,jacqui

A meeting between Guaido’s team and the US Southern Command is being organised.
A scholarly 21-page analysis of how US sanctions have created (and/or contributed to) the severe humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that’s now being used as the rationale for US-supported regmine change.
Words cannot express quite how much I admire the brave people at CODEPINK and how proud I am to count Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry as my true friends …
The day before the Trump administration broke international law by US police entering the embassy, this Press briefing at the UN by the Venezuelan UN mission wa

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Press conference by H.E. Samuel Moncada, Permanent Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations, on the situation in Venezuela.

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