Maine: Former Governor LePage says he wasn’t aware of high rate paid on Trump hotel

After a newspaper article reveals former Republican Maine Governor Paul LePage exceeded expense limits on taxpayer-funded trips to Washington, LePage is firing back.

On Monday morning the state’s former chief executive discussed the Maine Sunday Telegram story that showed the governor spent $170,000 on travel outside Maine during the final few years of his time in office.

$22,000 of that state taxpayer money was spent at a Washington, D.C. hotel owned by the family of President Donald Trump.

But in a Monday radio interview on WGAN, the ex-governor brought the newspaper article up blasting the Press Herald/Sunday Telegram saying it’s biased, left-leaning and calling its coverage of him “disgusting.”

“The newspapers are in the back pocket of the left,” he said. “It is just disgusting how biased they are. ”

However,  LePage admitted many of the rooms booked for trips to Washington were reserved by his staff and it is entirely possible they spent more than he realized like spending $1,100 a night during a June 2017 stay, as the newspaper reported.

“If we paid $1,100 for a hotel room for one night, shame on me,” he said.  “I wasn’t aware of it and shame on me because I should’ve been on top of it.”

Republican political analyst, Phil Harriman, says LePage does have to answer for his spending but if he does, then the high costs are a non-issue.

“Did he spend the taxpayer’s money wisely? Did he travel for legitimate government business? If the answer is yes, then I don’t think there’s much to talk about,” said Harriman.

Harriman also thinks that if the former governor will maintain a level of trust with his supporters and Maine republicans if he shows there is evidence he needed to exceed limits on travel spending in order to further the state’s interest in Washington.

Even though LePage encouraged frugality, Harriman says there is a necessary “dichotomy” for all government officials who must do business in costly Washington, D.C.

That said, Harriman says taxpayers deserve to know if “the facts are there to back up his comments.”

As for LePage’s criticism of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram’s reporting as unfair, Kevin Miller, one of the journalists who put the article about LePage’s expense together tweeted Monday that, “if Democratic @GovJanetMills ever spends $1,100/night at President Trump’s DC hotel (or even $362/night) while meeting with the president or his Cabinet, that’s certainly news. And we will report it.”

Maine’s Weaponized Draconian LD798 Vaccination Bill – Susan Price

God have mercy upon the people of Maine and shame on you Governor Janet Mills for your alleged part in the act of Eugenics, watch that glass ceiling doesn’t cut you as it shatters through the loss of lives regarding these biological weapons against humanity, containing the blood of pigs, aborted fetal cells, metals and other toxic suicidal tonics you want to poke into the blood streams of innocent children.

In Summary, the current law allows exemptions from immunization requirements based on religious or philosophical beliefs for students in elementary and secondary schools and health care facilities. This new draconian vaccination bill would remove these exemptions.

The bill also directs the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services to remove any immunization exemptions based on religious or philosophical beliefs from their rules and requires the Department of Education to adopt rules allowing a student who is covered by an individualized education plan and has elected a philosophical or religious exemption from immunization requirements to continue to attend school under the existing exemption as long as an appropriate medical professional provides a statement that the medical professional has provided information on the risks and benefits associated with the choice to immunize.”

LD798 An Act To Protect Maine Children and Students from Preventable Diseases by Repealing Certain Exemptions from the Laws Governing Immunization Requirements

The tax paying citizens in this state are in an uproar and rightfully so, shared conversations at local schools with parents and their concerns, leaves them feeling helpless and hopeless, many calling their representatives, one parent mentioned a phone call put in to Representative Tucker from Brunswick Maine, Rep Tucker stated that those in protest of this new bill have no credibility and that these people were examples of “Anti Vax Zealots”.

Mainers want to know why legislators will jeopardize American children through toxic and deadly inoculations just to attend schools yet that don’t enforce the same laws to illegals who many come here infested with various types of diseases.

Those of you who voted these representatives in have jeopardized your families and your communities legacy’s for these people are not representing you, they have a hidden agenda and depopulation is on the docket to be sure, Agenda 21/30.

There’s also Maine Senator, Dr. Linda Sanborn who introduced a bill that will jail your doctor or midwife for not injecting vitamin K and administering eye drops into new born babies eyes.

Mainer’s will no longer have the right to decline this issue and alternatives are not an option, not even if you have a C-section, that’s right, doctors will be forced with choosing informed consent for their patients or jail time and fines for themselves. LD443 will effectively bring the police state to the birthing space.

Does this mean the state of Maine has overstepped and removed parental rights and who does this affect?

This includes ALL Maine schools, Preschools through college, nursing schools, etc. “School” means any public or private, post-secondary school in the state, including, but not limited to colleges, universities, community colleges and schools for health professions.”

Children with IEPs currently will be allowed to finish through 12th grade by getting a physician sign off after they harass and tell Mainers what bad parents they are for putting their children and everyone at risk.

New IEP children will be denied entry to school, violating FAPE. If the Governor declares an emergency, there will be no religious or philosophical exemptions.

Gov. Janet Mills calls for a more diverse community in Maine but if you are a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Catholic don’t bother coming here because legislatively the document 798 a vaccine mandate would not allow your children to go to school and if they do and they are not vaccinated than you run the chance of them being taken away from you.

Mainers want to know why legislators will jeopardize American children through toxic and deadly inoculations just to attend schools yet they don’t enforce the same laws to illegals who many come here infested with various types of diseases. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and let’s not forget about the Amish, and other sects, will be forced to inject WI38, MRC-5, RA237 and other morally objectionable material into their own bodies and that of their children.

We have witnessed and it is documented that many children have regressed after being vaccinated, due to mitochondrial disease, metabolic and immune challenges and many who have mitochondrial diseases. This “human-diploid fibroblast cell cultures” what does this consist of?

The vaccines contained in these ingredients are:

Adenovirus, DTap-IPV/Hib (Pentacel) Hep A (Havrix), Hep B (Engrix-B), Hep B (Engrix-B), Hep A/Hep B Twinrix), MMR(MMR-II) MMRV (ProQuad), Rabies (Imovax) Varicella (Varivax) Zoster (Shingles-Zostavax)

MRC-5 (Medical Research Council -5): “The MRC-5 cell line was developed in September 1966 from lung tissue taken from a 14 week fetus aborted for psychiatric reason from a 27 years old physically healthy woman. The cell morphology is fibroblast-like. The karyotype is 46, XY; normal diploid male. Cumulative population doubling to senescence is 42-48. G6PD isoenzyme is type B.”
Source: Coriell Institute for Medical Research

WI-38 (Wistar Institute-38): “The WI-38 cell line was developed in July 1962 from lung tissue taken from a therapeutically aborted fetus of about 3 months gestational age. Cells released by trypsin digestion of the lung tissue were used for the primary culture. The cell morphology is fibroblast-like. The karyotype is 45,XX normal diploid female. A maximum lifespan of 50 population doublings for this culture was obtained at the Repository. A thymidine labelling index of 86% was obtained after recovery. G6PD is isoenzyme type B. This culture of WI-38 is an expansion from passage 9 frozen cells obtained from the submitter.”
Source: Coriell Institute for Medical Researc

Phone number for Governor Janet Mills (207-287-3531) 
Stop this Communist Take Over and ask her to refuse this bill document 798.

For Further Insight:

Maine: State Legislature could crack down on childhood vaccinations, making it illegal for families to opt-out

download (14).jpg

A new bill aims to remove exemptions, based on religious or philosophical beliefs, from immunization requirements for students of all ages, as well as employees of nursery schools and health care facilities.

PORTLAND, Maine — As Maine law stands now, families can refuse certain immunizations, based on religious or philosophical beliefs — but one Maine lawmaker is looking to change that.

(not gonna name the “one Maine Lawmaker?”)

The bill, LD 798, would remove those exemptions for students of all ages, as well as employees of nursery schools and health care facilities.

According to the bill’s summary, those who are currently not immunized but are covered by an individualized education plan would be grandfathered, as long as they have written proof from a medical professional that “the medical professional has provided information on the risks and benefits associated with the choice to immunize.”

No public hearing or work session has been scheduled for the bill.

This story will be updated.

Indigenous Peoples Day – Jacqui Voltaire

While this is about the experience in Canada this is what was happening at the same time in the US. It is important that these truths get out. I am sorry for those who do not have Facebook who cannot see the whole thing. But below that is a you tube video that is part of it you can view. Imagine both Canada and the US were out to rid both countries of all Natives and through all of that, they are still here. We can not erase the wrongs our ancestors did, but we can share the truths and call out all who were responsible then and those still doing damage in so many ways to the Native people today.  Below the videos is a hearing happening Monday feb.11th 10AM to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day for the entire state of Maine. Please share.
 The State and Local Government Committee has scheduled a public hearing on this bill for 2/11 at 10 a.m.  It will be held at the Cross Building Room 214.
We need a critical mass of enlightened citizens to add Maine to the growing list of states who have made the move to add Columbus Day to the ash heap of history.
An Act To Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.
 (L.D. 179) Bill “An Act To Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day” (HP0142) (Presented by Representative COLLINGS of Portland) (Cosponsored by Senator CARPENTER of Aroostook, Representative GALGAY RECKITT of South Portland, Representative MAXMIN of Nobleboro, Representative PERRY of Calais, Representative RYKERSON of Kittery, Representative TALBOT ROSS of Portland, Representative O’CONNOR of Berwick, Representative CARDONE of Bangor)

Please reach out to show your support for finally denying this myth continued celebration.  The time has come to honor the first people of this land. Support LD 179 Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

Maine: Legislative Update from Senator Brownie Carson

055f8802-f9b5-4c09-aeef-4b7bf95f5b54.jpgDear friends and constituents,

The legislative session is well underway, with approximately 700 of the anticipated 2,000 bills now printed and ready for committee review. Just as bills began arriving at my two committees, we paused to hold confirmation hearings for the governor’s nominees to lead the Department of Education (Pender Makin, former assistant superintendent of the Brunswick School Department) and Department of Environmental Protection (Jerry Reid, director of the natural resources section of the attorney general’s office).

Before the hearings, I met with both nominees, discussed their work histories and reasons for wanting to serve in these cabinet posts, and spoke with colleagues who had worked with them. Both came highly recommended, with extensive experience in their respective fields. Ms. Makin’s hearing was short and without controversy; she was quickly confirmed. Mr. Reid’s was long and, at times, difficult, because of his participation in litigation on water quality and Native American sustenance fishing rights. These issues have decades of history in Maine legislation and courts and more than two hundred years of history in federal legislation, treaties, and the federal courts. After dozens of citizens testified, and Mr. Reid stated his commitment to working directly with the tribes to resolve these issues, the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Committee voted unanimously to confirm his appointment.

Both of these nominees received my full support. Ms. Makin has dedicated her professional life to working in and advocating for quality public education. She has taught students who are “hard to reach,” and she came to Brunswick after her tenure as principal of The Real School in Falmouth. She was honored as Principal of the Year several years ago. She is equally committed to special education, gifted and talented programs, and technical education. She will also invest in and improve early childhood education.

Mr. Reid has served in the attorney general’s office since finishing law school nearly 25 years ago. In the natural resources section, he enforced Maine’s clean air and clean water laws; he fought to clean up the mercury contamination at the former Holtrachem site on the Penobscot River at Orrington; he advised the Board of Environmental Protection on the terms of environmental licenses for large scale developments; and he helped coordinate multi-state defense of both national and state environmental standards against efforts to weaken protection by the Trump administration.  He knows the issues and problems that DEP will need to address in the years ahead and is prepared to take on the environmental challenges Maine will face.

Both of the committees on which I serve will have substantial workloads. In ENR, we just reviewed a proposed new rule that would allow replacement and expansion of oil and gasoline storage facilities (including gas stations) over drinking water aquifers. In my view, we must protect these aquifers – no question. But, with outdated technology and older tanks, ought we consider allowing new, larger tanks with the best, most updated technology? We will work this bill very carefully.

In the Education Committee, we recently heard extensive testimony about the need for increased state investment in the cost of health insurance for retired teachers. Retirement benefits are often modest, and the cost of health insurance continues to rise. Teacher retirement pays a much smaller share of this cost than does the Maine State Retirement System. If we are going to attract and retain talented teachers for our schools, I believe we must increase this investment. We will also see bills on expanding early childhood education, improving science/technology curricula, mental health education, and more – and even a proposal to ban certain books.

One final note on a legislative issue that goes back to 2017: you may remember that I was lead sponsor of LD 1108, An Act to Restore Public Health Nursing Services. This law was enacted over then Gov. LePage’s veto, and it became effective in October 2017. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), under the previous administration, continued to resist rebuilding Maine’s public health nursing service. Last July, I sued DHHS, simply asking that the court order the department to follow the law. While that litigation is still pending, I have started talks with the Mills Administration and envision resolving this dispute with an agreement that we will fully restore this vital public service. More very soon, I hope!

If you would like to comment on these or any other issues, I can be reached at and my office phone is (207) 287-1515. Please allow some time for a response, as our agenda is packed.

Thank you for the honor of representing you.

Sexual harassment trainer booted from Statehouse (but why?)


AUGUSTA, Maine — State legislators in Maine have asked a woman hired to give lobbyists free sexual harassment training not to come back following complaints over her presentation.

Karen Ryla from the Bangor-based Work Performance Solutions was hired to lead the training sessions as part of a new law passed last year.

Senate Majority Leader Nate Libby said lobbyists told him after Thursday’s session the training was not tailored enough to the power dynamics and work relationships in the Statehouse.

Taryn Hallweaver with the Maine People’s Alliance posted on Twitter that fellow lobbyists had to make corrections and counter “over-the-top” examples provided.

Libby says the remaining sessions will be led by the Legislature’s human resources director, Jackie Little.

(Things that make you go, “hmm..”)

Maine: Senator Susan Collins joins effort to secure back pay for federal contractors

download (18)
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is supporting legislation that would ensure federal contractors are given back pay after the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is supporting legislation that aims to help federal contractors by providing back pay to offset the financial damage they experienced during the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

The Fair Compensation for Low-Wage Contractor Employees Act would reimburse federal contractors by providing back pay — up to 200% of the federal poverty level for a family of four. It would also include ways to protect taxpayer funds and cover employees working on federally-funded construction projects or under federal service contracts.

Collins has publicly said she opposes government shutdowns and thinks they represent a “failure to govern.” In a written statement, Collins remarked on the efforts she is making in Congress to mitigate the impact of 35 days of unpaid work on federal employees.

“Last month, Congress passed and the President signed into law legislation I co-authored to guarantee that federal employees would be paid retroactively once the shutdown ended,” said Collins. “Congress should now take the next step to ensure that federal contractors…are given back pay to help offset the financial injury they experienced due to furloughs and reduced hours.”

The act would help low-wage employees, like janitorial staff and food service workers, in particular.

Senators Tina Smith (D-MN), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Chris Can Hollen (D-MD), Mark Warner (D-VA), Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Tim Kaine (D-VA) introduced the Fair Compensation for Low-Wage Contractor Employees Act. 35 other Senators and more than 50 members of the House support the act.

Last month, Collins co-authored the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act with Sen. Cardin to make sure furloughed federal employees were paid as soon as the shutdown ended. This act was signed into law. Collins also introduced the Shutdown Fairness Act with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to ensure federal workers who are required to come to work every day are paid on time.

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