Maine: Indigenous People’s Day now an Official State holiday – Jacqui Voltaire / Maria Girouard

This was just shared with me and I would ask you to share, including Maria’s words. Those of us who have been working on IPD and the Penobscot River issue know that JM is no friend of the Penobscot people and we must make sure when we talk about this wonderful news that we stress that it may have been JM’s pen, but it was no her heart and soul that was bought many years ago by the corporates!

And the best news of the day… JM [Governor Janet Mills] signed onto Indigenous People’s Day, making it a statewide holiday.  Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this happen at the municipal level to get the ball rolling and beyond.  JM gets all the credit for a swipe of the pen but we know how much work and heart went into this from indigenous leaders and their supporters, etc. ;).  I’m also pasting Maria Girouard’s post below too for those who don’t use FB.  I appreciated it!



NOT SO FAST ~ I’m not even sorry that I cannot join the glee and celebratory backslapping that I’m seeing around the change from a white man’s holiday to an indigenous holiday.  To see “leaders” standing with the woman who is in the forefront of perpetuating trauma and genocide against the Penobscot people sickens my stomach.  I’m very pleased to see my Chief NOT standing amongst them. 

In a Machiavellian plot twist the perpetrator of Penobscot territorial theft is now a hero (?) for tossing us a bone.  Holding in my heart our ancestral River and the struggles of countless ancestors before me who fought and died for their rights to their ancestral river, I’m not letting her off the hook.

Nothing short of dropping the state’s position in our 6 year long legal battle, Penobscot Nation v. Janet Mills will change my opinion of that woman.  The same woman who is championing the destruction of thousands of acres of Maine land to make way for the CMP corridor to benefit Massachusetts energy needs.  The same woman who sat before judiciary committee in 2015 and said that the Penobscot Nation did not have the right to protect their women from violence under the VAWA Re-authorization Act because of the Maine Indian Land Claims – the State’s handy pocket tool for keeping the Tribes oppressed and under their thumb.  And another time before the judiciary stated that “there are NO treaties”.  In my eyes she is a disgrace no matter what the second Monday in October is called.

Yay! Now we no longer celebrate a genocidal maniac. That is the right thing to do for sure. Now will the State stop acting like a genocidal maniac and drop their stance that the ancient Penobscot Nation contains no portion of our ancestral river. This remains to be seen. N’telnapemnawak.

Indigenous Peoples Day – Jacqui Voltaire

While this is about the experience in Canada this is what was happening at the same time in the US. It is important that these truths get out. I am sorry for those who do not have Facebook who cannot see the whole thing. But below that is a you tube video that is part of it you can view. Imagine both Canada and the US were out to rid both countries of all Natives and through all of that, they are still here. We can not erase the wrongs our ancestors did, but we can share the truths and call out all who were responsible then and those still doing damage in so many ways to the Native people today.  Below the videos is a hearing happening Monday feb.11th 10AM to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day for the entire state of Maine. Please share.
 The State and Local Government Committee has scheduled a public hearing on this bill for 2/11 at 10 a.m.  It will be held at the Cross Building Room 214.
We need a critical mass of enlightened citizens to add Maine to the growing list of states who have made the move to add Columbus Day to the ash heap of history.
An Act To Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.
 (L.D. 179) Bill “An Act To Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day” (HP0142) (Presented by Representative COLLINGS of Portland) (Cosponsored by Senator CARPENTER of Aroostook, Representative GALGAY RECKITT of South Portland, Representative MAXMIN of Nobleboro, Representative PERRY of Calais, Representative RYKERSON of Kittery, Representative TALBOT ROSS of Portland, Representative O’CONNOR of Berwick, Representative CARDONE of Bangor)

Please reach out to show your support for finally denying this myth continued celebration.  The time has come to honor the first people of this land. Support LD 179 Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

Opinion: Racist hecklers at Indigenous Peoples March were “..taught misleading facts and hatred.”

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Hi All, So I have been following this closely and below are two interviews that were on Democracy Now today. And below that is the full video not cut. As you will hear from both Nathan and Chase, the Black Hebrew Israelite was spewing hate words at both the tribal folks there as well as the boys. Nathan went in between the two to try and calm things. What I find the most disturbing here is that we have all sorts of blame on the boys and Nathan and no one is talking about the horrible things the BHI were spewing that stirred the boys up to begin with. Since we have the words of both Nathan and Chase below and the video below that that shows just what they say I think we can respect that all else is certain people trying to make more out of this then there is.
The big thing I take from this is, that these boys have been taught misleading facts and hatred, but they are young and they can be given the truths. They were not born that way but that is all they know and it seems that neither at home nor in this school are they going to get anything different. As someone noted, why was there a school of young boys there to tell women what they can or can not do with their bodies and brought there by adults who did not stay with them to step between them and the Israelites. However this has now become a good time for people to learn some truths and I hope that folks will do as I am doing and start deleting any Social Media that is thriving on the hatred. I have also included the full Democracy Now.
by Jacqui Voltaire, the Maine Resistance

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Police stop Native American brothers during US college tour

Loraine Kahneratokwas Gray and Thomas Kanewakeron GrayLoraine Kahneratokwas Gray (L) and Thomas Kanewakeron Gray (R) say the incident was discriminatory

A Colorado university has apologised for two Native American brothers who were removed from a campus tour after a parent called the police.

The brothers’ mother, Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, said they were taken off the tour because a parent was suspicious of how quiet they were.

Colorado State University (CSU) police searched the brothers, who drove seven hours to attend the admissions tour.

University officials apologised for the incident in a letter to students.

Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, 19, and Lloyd Skanahwati Gray, 17, had borrowed their family van to drive from Santa Cruz, New Mexico to Fort Collins, Colorado, to visit the college on Monday.

The boys got lost in the city and joined the CSU admissions tour about 30 minutes late.

As the tour moved through the gymnasium, they were stopped by campus police who demanded to know why they were on campus.

“Apparently, a parent on the tour called police because they were too quiet. That made them suspicious,” Mrs Kahneratokwas Gray told the Denver Post. “They were trying to listen. Why should it be a crime to listen and not engage in a conversation?”

The boys, who are members of the Mohawk tribe, were only released after they provided police with an email showing they had pre-registered for the tour.

The tour continued while the boys were questioned, and they were unable to complete it.

“I think it’s pretty discriminatory,” Thomas told the Associated Press on Thursday.

“Me and my brother just stayed to ourselves the whole time. I guess that was scaring people; that we were just quiet.”

Colorado State University sign

“Our family is shocked and saddened over this incident of racial profiling, and disappointed that the school didn’t take a more proactive stand in protecting my boys from being shamed in this hostile way,” their mother said.

In a letter to students, officials say that the Office of Admissions, Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Native American Cultural Center and the CSU Police Department will be meeting to discuss how to better handle similar cases in the future.

“The incident is sad and frustrating from nearly every angle, particularly the experience of two students who were here to see if this was a good fit for them as an institution,” the letter said.

The statement added that the university had been speaking to the family of the prospective students.

“As a University community, we deeply regret the experience of these students while they were guests on our campus.”

The incident comes amid other high profile cases of racial profiling, including an incident in Philadelphia in which two black men were arrested at a Starbucks while they were waiting for a friend to arrive before placing an order.

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US Catholic school apologises for students mocking elderly Native American

Catholic school students may face expulsion for their behaviour at Indigenous Peoples March in Washington.

US school apologises for students mocking elderly Native American

Videos circulating online show a youth staring at and standing extremely close to Nathan Phillips [Al Jazeera]

A US diocese has apologised and vowed to take action after videos emerged showing boys from a Catholic private school mocking an elderly Native American man at a rally in the capital, Washington, prompting widespread criticism.

The Indigenous Peoples March in Washington on Friday coincided with the March for Life, which drew thousands of anti-abortion protesters, including a group from Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky.

Videos circulating online show a youth staring at and standing extremely close to Nathan Phillips, a 64-year-old Native American man singing and playing the drum.

Other students, some wearing Covington clothing and many wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and sweatshirts, surrounded them, chanting, laughing and jeering. A student wearing clothing from Owensboro Catholic High School was also present.

Embedded video



The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington apologized after videos emerged showing students from an all-male Catholic high school mocking Native Americans outside the Lincoln Memorial.


In a joint statement, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School apologised to Phillips. Officials said they are investigating and will take “appropriate action, up to and including expulsion”.

“We extend our deepest apologies to Mr Phillips,” the statement read. “This behaviour is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person.”

Stolen land

According to the “Indian Country Today” website, Phillips is an Omaha elder and Vietnam veteran who holds an annual ceremony honouring Native American veterans at Arlington National Cemetery.

Marcus Frejo, a member of the Pawnee and Seminole tribes who is also known as Chief Quese Imc, said he had been a part of the march and was among a small group of people remaining after the rally when the boisterous students began chanting slogans such as “Make America great” and then began doing the haka, a traditional Maori dance.

Frejo told the AP news agency that he felt they were mocking the dance and also heckling a couple of black men nearby.

“When I was there singing, I heard them saying, ‘Build that wall, build that wall’,” Phillips said, as he wiped away tears in a video posted on Instagram. “This is indigenous lands. We’re not supposed to have walls here. We never did.”

In another video posted on Twitter, an Indigenous Peoples March protester shouts: “Just because you stole the land don’t make it yours,” to which a student wearing an Owensboro Catholic High School logo responds, “Land gets stolen, it’s how it works. That’s the way of the world.”

Frejo said he joined Phillips to defuse the situation, singing the anthem from the American Indian Movement with both men beating out the tempo on hand drums.

Although he feared a mob mentality that could turn ugly, Frejo said he was at peace singing despite the scorn. He briefly felt something special happened as they repeatedly sang the tune.

“They went from mocking us and laughing at us to singing with us. I heard it three times,” Frejo said. “That spirit moved through us, that drum, and it slowly started to move through some of those youths.”

Eventually, a calm fell over the group of students and they broke up and walked away.

A ‘Heartbreaking’ display

State Rep Ruth Buffalo, a North Dakota politician and member of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation, said she was saddened to see students showing disrespect to an elder who is also a US military veteran at what was supposed to be a celebration of all cultures.

“The behaviour shown in that video is just a snapshot of what indigenous people have faced and are continuing to face,” Buffalo said.


Here’s another video of these kids harassing this Native American protestor. The ignorance, the bigotry, is infuriating. This is not the future of this nation. 

She said she hoped it would lead to some kind of meeting with the students to provide education on issues facing Native Americans.

US Rep Deb Haaland, of New Mexico, who is a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and had been at the rally earlier in the day, used Twitter to criticise what she called a “heartbreaking” display of “blatant hate, disrespect, and intolerance”.

Haaland, who is also Catholic, told AP she was particularly saddened to see the boys mocking an elder, who is revered in Native American culture. She placed some of the blame on President Donald Trump, who has used Native American names such as Pocahontas as an insult.

“It is sad that we have a president who uses Native American women’s names as racial slurs, and that’s an example that these kids are clearly following considering the fact that they had their ‘Make America Great Again’ hats on,” Haaland said. “He’s really brought out the worst in people.”



Trump’s ‘Wounded Knee’ tweet over Warren sparks anger

Composite image of Warren and TrumpPresident Trump has been criticised before for mocking Elizabeth Warren using language offensive to Native Americans

US President Donald Trump is facing criticism once again for taunting Democrat Elizabeth Warren over her purported Native American heritage.

On Sunday, Mr Trump said the senator, a 2020 presidential hopeful, should have filmed a commercial “from Bighorn or Wounded Knee” in “full Indian garb”.

Wounded Knee was one of the worst native massacres in US history.

Native Americans have decried Mr Trump’s language, calling it insensitive and racist.

Mr Trump’s barb was a response to an Instagram live by Ms Warren on New Year’s Eve, just after she announced she was running for president.

Ruth Hopkins, a Sioux writer and tribal attorney, said the president’s jibe was “cold, callous and just plain racist”.

One user, a Lakota tribe member and army veteran, was also outraged:

Another said she was “angry and sickened” by the president’s tweet.

And Native American Photos, an account sharing historical images, tweeted an image of Wounded Knee survivors, adding: “No comment.”

Some of Mr Trump’s supporters, however, insisted the president was just joking; others pushed back against the idea that the language was racist at all.

At the battle of Little Bighorn in 1876, Lakota Sioux, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes fought against US cavalry led by Lt Colonel George Custer, leaving hundreds dead, including the colonel.

At Wounded Knee in 1890, as many as 400 unarmed men, women and children were killed by US soldiers. Congress formally apologised to the victims 100 years later, expressing “deep regret” for the massacre.

The cemetery for victims of the Wounded Knee Massacre in South DakotaThe cemetery for victims of the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota

The president has been censured repeatedly for his Native American jabs at Ms Warren.

He has nicknamed the Massachusetts senator “Pocahontas” – who was the daughter of a 17th century indigenous chief – and used the name to mock her even in front of Native American veterans.

The US president makes a joke about Senator Elizabeth Warren in front of Native Americans

Ms Warren has also dealt with backlash of her own from tribes, after revealing DNA test results she said validated her claim of Native American heritage.

A senior official with the Cherokee Nation responded saying using a test to claim any tribal connection was “inappropriate”.

The senator has not claimed to be a citizen of any tribal nation and said she respected the distinction between DNA and tribal affiliation, but the president was quick to taunt her over the test.

Since 2012, Ms Warren has also denied benefiting from her reported Native American background, when it emerged that she was listed as a minority in a Harvard Law School directory.

Maine/Penobscot Nation: 38 Year Old Woman found dead during Indian Island meth bust; 28-year-old Megan Patten arrested.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency was called to a home on Indian Island after methamphetamine paraphernalia was found while police were responding to the dead woman on Saturday, Dec. 5.

Police say there was no evidence of foul play and they are not releasing details of the death at this time.

The MDEA Agents collected samples of the meth-making materials and sent them to the Dept. of Environmental Protection.

The investigation into the meth making operation and the circumstances surrounding the death remain under investigation by Penobscot Nation Police and MDEA.

Bucksport Meth bust


On Sunday, Dec. 6, Bucksport Police responded to a disturbance on Central Street and found items they believe had been used to make meth.

MDEA was called and samples were taken.


Drug Agents and Bucksport Police arrested 28-year-old Megan Patten, charging her with unlawful operation of a meth lab. She remains at the Hancock County Jail. MDEA Agents, Bucksport and State Police previously seized a meth-making operation at this home in November.

These are the first two responses in 2019 for MDEA’s specialized hazmat / evidence recovery team. In 2018 the team was used 52 times; compared with 58 in 2017, 126 in 2016 and 56 in 2015.

The most common method of making methamphetamine in Maine remains the “one pot” method, where most of the chemical reaction takes place in a plastic bottle. This process involves a heavy metal reacting violently with water and the plastic bottles can easily rupture, causing flames to shoot out. This is a highly dangerous and toxic process and specially trained MDEA Agents are required to don fire retardant chemical suits, breathing tanks and masks to process the evidence.

Author: Beth McEvoy, Newscenter Maine

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[Image: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill]