Petition: investigate Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation

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After a lengthy investigation and trial involving the criminal activity of Trump’s longtime crony, Roger Stone, Trump has openly attempted to influence his sentencing by tweeting about how Stone has been treated “very unfairly.”

Following the public pressure from Trump to reduce the sentencing, the DOJ REDUCED the recommendation that prosecutors originally made to the court. A flagrant abuse of the justice system.

We cannot stand for it.

Add your name immediately to demand an investigation into Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendations!

Thank you,

— Zach

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Demand an investigation! Sign the petition


Following a lengthy investigation and conviction of President Trump’s right-hand man, Roger Stone, Trump publicly and vociferously criticized the sentencing recommendation made by career Department of Justice officials after which DOJ leaders withdrew their support for the recommendations and called for a more lenient sentence. This egregious breach of justice has caused EVERY one of the career prosecutors involved in the case to resign from their posts.

Sign the petition today DEMANDING an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation>>

Now that Trump has gotten away with pressuring a foreign government into investigating his political rivals, he apparently thinks that the law doesn’t apply – to himself or any of his closest allies.

Well we’re not going to stand for it. The Department of Justice’s Inspector General should investigate this matter and we are calling on the House Judiciary Committee to demand answers from the Department of Justice as well. This politicization of the Justice Department that should remain independent of such influences undermines the rule of law and all Americans should be alarmed.

If you sign today, we’ll be sure that your name is included when we deliver the petition signatures next week to House Judiciary Chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler!>>

We must ensure that Trump and his allies are held accountable and remind them that NOBODY is above the law!

Thanks for all that you do,

— Zach, PFAW

Help re-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress


We’re excited to announce that AOC is officially running for reelection.

This weekend, supporters from across New York will join Team AOC as we open up our campaign offices in Queens and the Bronx.

We’re not taking anything for granted. AOC’s facing a record 13 opponents and we’re going to need a powerful organizing program to make sure she stays in Congress to fight for us.

Will you endorse AOC’s reelection right now? Your support will show corporate Democrats and Republicans alike that AOC is here to stay »

Endorse AOC »

Thanks for your support. Let’s do this!

– Team AOC

Free sticker! “America for All!” –

Dear MoveOn member,

Last week, MoveOn unveiled our $20 million 2020 election program, “America for All.” For the next nine months, we will be working to inspire the 7 million “high-potential voters” across 10 critical battleground states to turn out to vote. We’ll mobilize MoveOn members and our allies to volunteer and organize in their communities. And we will flex our digital muscles to protect the right to vote from online disinformation and voter suppression campaigns.

This is the biggest and boldest election program in MoveOn’s history, and although defeating Donald Trump and his Republican allies is critically important, our plan is about so much more than that.

It is about building a more equitable America, where immigrants, refugees, and communities of color are safe and welcome. Protecting the lives and dignity of trans Americans. Creating true equality for women. Fighting back against out of control corporate greed. Ensuring that health care is a human right. Tackling the climate crisis head on. And so much more.

To celebrate the launch of “America for All” and spread the message that in November we can choose to vote for a better future for our country, MoveOn has just printed a big batch of stickers, and we’re giving them away for free, while supplies last.

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This November is our opportunity to build on the historic blue wave that MoveOn members and our allies powered in 2018 and elect bold progressives to positions up and down the ballot, including president of the United States.

The existential threat of Trump’s presidency is almost over⁠—but only if we all come together to fight for an America for all.

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Thanks for all you do.

–Kelly, Oscar, Emma, Erik, and the rest of the team

Start your own petition –

The year we’ve been waiting for is finally here: 2020. This year, we’ll do everything in our power to remove Trump from office and elect a progressive champion to create the reforms we need, like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

So now we’ve got to get to work.

Start a petition today on an issue that matters to you in November’s election.

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Candidates up and down the ballot need to hear from us in order to shape their agenda. Do you want your future senator to prioritize protecting voting rights? Should your future mayor build more affordable housing units? Are the presidential primary candidates addressing issues that matter to you? Tell them by starting a petition and gathering support in your community.

Petitions can change conversations on key issues.

In 2019, the US Youth Climate Strike partnered with MoveOn and started a petition asking the presidential primary candidates to support a televised debate or forum that focused exclusively on environmental issues and policies. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke were just a few of the candidates who responded to our petition.

All of this happened because a young, passionate group of people started a petition. It was a powerful moment where a petition helped change the conversation and drew the attention of candidates for the highest office. That’s what we can accomplish together.

So what is important to you this year? Take five minutes and start a petition on it here to influence the 2020 elections.

Thanks for all you do.

–Isbah, Pulin, Erica, Corinne, Tillie, and the rest of the team

Petition: Support Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

vindmanWill you sign the petition stating that we stand in solidarity with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and do not accept Trump’s retaliation against witnesses who testified on impeachment in front of the House?

With a blank check from the Senate’s sham impeachment trial in hand, Donald Trump is out for revenge. He’s lashing out against anyone who put their loyalty to the country ahead of their loyalty to him—and against people whose only involvement is being related to individuals who testified before Congress.

Lt. Col. Vindman has been pushed out of his role at the National Security Council and was escorted from the White House. The American people will not sit quietly by as President Trump fires a decorated military officer in childish retaliation.1

Sign this petition stating that we stand in solidarity with Lt. Col. Vindman and that Trump cannot retaliate against witnesses in his own impeachment trial.

Sign Devon’s petition


Alexander Vindman is the top Ukraine expert who was on the fated July 25 phone call where Trump tried to extort an investigation into the Bidens from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Vindman later testified before the House about what he heard on the call.

Vindman did this country a great service. He felt, in his words, a “sense of duty” to tell Americans the truth—and now, that honorable act has cost him his job, his career, and his privacy. It also led to the dismissal of Lt. Col. Vindman’s brother, who had no involvement in the testimony. Vindman needs to know that Americans are thankful for his courage—and that Trump’s attacks can’t change the important truth that he told.

And the White House must be met with a nationwide outcry that we will not allow for witness retaliation and that we condemn Trump’s abhorrent decision to punish Vindman for his patriotism.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Thanks for all you do.

–Devon Nir, Common Cause


1. “Trump Fires Impeachment Witnesses Gordon Sondland and Alexander Vindman in Post-Acquittal Purge,” The New York Times, February 7, 2020


ADD YOUR NAME: Will you support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for reelection?

Add your name to join Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and show your support for her reelection campaign >> 


We wanted to send you a message about the most important resource for our campaign: people.

AOC doesn’t come from a powerful or wealthy family. When she began this fight, she didn’t have a bunch of rich friends, corporate PACs, or establishment insiders to build the foundation for a winning campaign.

All she had was people like you. Volunteers from all walks of life, and people who were tired of a system that clearly wasn’t designed to work for them. We were united by a common goal — building a democracy that centered social, racial, economic, and environmental justice for all.

That coalition of scrappy volunteers, starry eyed idealists, working-parents donating a few hours where they could, college students burdened with crippling debt, and activists of all creeds shocked the nation on June 26th, 2018.

But our work is not over. Powerful forces are aligning to stop AOC’s reelection. Add your name to join Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and show your support for her reelection campaign.

AOC has been under constant attack. Republicans on the House floor attacked the Squad for impeaching Donald Trump. Fox News spent thousands of hours spreading lies about her, and gave her opponents national airtime. The President of the United States used his platform to try and tear us down.

But none of them could stop our momentum. Despite it all, our movement ushered a Green New Deal into the national conversation. We introduced legislation on the Just Society to bring economic justice to all.

We advanced the cause of progressive change in the face of historic opposition, and in 2020, we’re going even bolder than ever.

Will you sign your name to personally endorse AOC’s reelection?

The forces aligned against us will have all the dark money, corporate PACs, and Fox News pundits on their side. But we have people power.

We’ll take those odds any day.

Team AOC

Free Sticker: “VOTE THEM OUT!” –

The last few weeks of Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate have thrown into sharp relief just how corrupt Trump is—and how far Republicans will go to protect him from any consequences for his criminality.

But we won’t forget their complicity in Trump’s crimes. We won’t forget their sham proceeding with no witnesses and no documents. And in November, we’ll make sure that they pay for it at the ballot box.

To help spread this message far and wide, MoveOn has just printed a big batch of “Vote Them Out” stickers, and we’re giving them away for free, while supplies last.

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We don’t yet know exactly what Trump will say tonight during the State of the Union, but if he follows his old patterns, he will certainly use this national air time to promote conspiracy theories, demonize immigrant and refugee communities, lie about his record, and work to demoralize Democrats and progressives while rallying his base. And he may brag about his impending “total exoneration.”

But if his goal is to stamp down our energy, he has already failed. We are outraged, and we are turning that outrage into action.

For the next nine months, MoveOn members and our allies will flex our muscles and build an unstoppable grassroots movement to defeat Republicans up and down the ballot, and elect Democrats to the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives.

Will you help us spread the message, Robert? Click here to order your free “Vote Them Out” sticker now.

Thanks for all you do.

–Kelly, Oscar, Tzyh, David, and the rest of the team