Quebec passes controversial face veil ban

Quebec's face veil ban is the fist of its kind in North America [File: Shakil Adil/AP Photo]

Montreal, Canada – Quebec has passed a contentious law that would make it illegal for Muslim women, and other individuals, who cover their faces to receive public services, including riding public buses.

Members of the provincial legislature voted 65-51 in favour of the legislation on religious neutrality, known as Bill 62, on Wednesday morning.

The law forces citizens to uncover their faces in order to receive or give public services in the French-speaking province.

It applies to provincial and municipal employees – including doctors, nurses, teachers and daycare workers – and public transit workers.


US policy is ‘not to defend Canada’ in any N Korea attack. Sorry!

A missile is seen taking off from a grassy field in a burst of burning fuel and smoke

A top general has told Canadian MPs they cannot count on US support if North Korea launches a nuclear attack on their country.

Lt Gen Pierre St-Amand told the national defence committee in Ottawa there is no policy that requires the US to aid Canada in any nuclear attack.

But on the upside, the committee also heard North Korea views Canada as a “peaceful” and “friendly” country.

Pyongyang’s missile launch over Japan on Friday has put the region on edge.

Gen St-Amand told MPs: “The extent of the US policy is not to defend Canada. “That’s the fact I can bring to the table.”

Canada has long avoided joining the US ballistic missile defence programme, under the assumption that the US would shoot down a nuclear missile heading for its northern neighbour anyway.

But Lt Gen St-Amand’s testimony suggested otherwise.