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After a lengthy investigation and trial involving the criminal activity of Trump’s longtime crony, Roger Stone, Trump has openly attempted to influence his sentencing by tweeting about how Stone has been treated “very unfairly.”

Following the public pressure from Trump to reduce the sentencing, the DOJ REDUCED the recommendation that prosecutors originally made to the court. A flagrant abuse of the justice system.

We cannot stand for it.

Add your name immediately to demand an investigation into Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendations!

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— Zach

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Demand an investigation! Sign the petition


Following a lengthy investigation and conviction of President Trump’s right-hand man, Roger Stone, Trump publicly and vociferously criticized the sentencing recommendation made by career Department of Justice officials after which DOJ leaders withdrew their support for the recommendations and called for a more lenient sentence. This egregious breach of justice has caused EVERY one of the career prosecutors involved in the case to resign from their posts.

Sign the petition today DEMANDING an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation>>

Now that Trump has gotten away with pressuring a foreign government into investigating his political rivals, he apparently thinks that the law doesn’t apply – to himself or any of his closest allies.

Well we’re not going to stand for it. The Department of Justice’s Inspector General should investigate this matter and we are calling on the House Judiciary Committee to demand answers from the Department of Justice as well. This politicization of the Justice Department that should remain independent of such influences undermines the rule of law and all Americans should be alarmed.

If you sign today, we’ll be sure that your name is included when we deliver the petition signatures next week to House Judiciary Chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler!>>

We must ensure that Trump and his allies are held accountable and remind them that NOBODY is above the law!

Thanks for all that you do,

— Zach, PFAW

Russia: US Congress reach deal on fresh sanctions, part of which limits Comrade Trumps ability to meddle with it.

Leaders of both parties in the US Congress have agreed on legislation that allows fresh sanctions to punish Russia for alleged election meddling.

The new legislation would also sharply limit President Donald Trump’s ability to lift any sanctions against Russia.

He has previously said he needs diplomatic leeway with the Kremlin.

Mr Trump’s time in office has been dogged by claims that Russia tried to influence last year’s US election.

Moscow denies any wrongdoing but several US investigations are looking into whether anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials.

Correspondents say the bipartisan agreement indicates determination in Congress to maintain a firm line against Russia, whatever Mr Trump’s view.


ExxonMobil Fined $2M for Russia Sanctions Breach Under CEO Tillerson, now your Secretary of State


Tillerson exxon

The U.S. Treasury Department has fined ExxonMobil $2 million for violating U.S. sanctions against Russia three years ago, when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson served as the oil company’s CEO. The Treasury said ExxonMobil showed “reckless disregard” for U.S. law in 2014 when it signed contracts with Russian oil magnate Igor Sechin to develop offshore reserves in the Arctic. The move violated sanctions placed on Russia after it invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimean peninsula. Tillerson said at the time his company opposed Russia sanctions, calling them “ineffective.” At the State Department Thursday, spokesperson Heather Nauert was asked whether Tillerson had changed his views on Russian sanctions.

Heather Nauert: “This all predates his time here at the Department of State.”

Matthew Lee: “I understand that.”

Heather Nauert: “And so, I’m going to refrain from giving any comment on that at this time.”

Matthew Lee: “I understand this predates his time as secretary of state, but now he is in a position in which he is part of the team that is supposed to enforce sanctions, not violate them or allow others to violate them, so I think it’s relevant to know what he thinks about this decision today.”

Heather Nauert: “I think—I will say this. The secretary continues to abide by his ethical commitments, including that recusal from Exxon-related activities.”

Secretary of State Tillerson is known to have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who awarded Tillerson the country’s Order of Friendship decoration in 2013. The Treasury Department’s $2 million fine against ExxonMobil was the maximum amount allowed by law. It represents just over two hours’ profit for the oil giant.

Let’s have a big hand for all of my fellow Amerikans who voted for Comrade Trump.  Stupid is as stupid does, and evil is what evil does.

God have mercy on your souls.



The Guardian: Under Trump, Big Tobacco Holds Unprecedented Influence

The healthcare fight came as a new investigation by The Guardian reveals tobacco companies have gained unprecedented influence in Washington since the Trump administration came to power. The Guardian reports politicians with deep ties to the tobacco industry now head much of Trump’s Cabinet and the Senate, even as tobacco use remains the leading preventable cause of death.