President and First Lady Pose with Infant Orphaned in El Paso Massacre

H2 trump melania hospital el paso orphan massacre smiling thumbs up photo pose jordan andre anchondo

New details have emerged about Wednesday’s visit to El Paso by the president and first lady Melania Trump. Reporters were barred from following the Trumps as they toured the University Medical Center of El Paso, where victims of Saturday’s mass shooting were treated. None of the eight survivors who were still receiving treatment agreed to meet with the president. But a cellphone video given to local station KDBCshows the president smiling and laughing with medical workers as he boasts about the size of a crowd at a Trump campaign rally in El Paso in February, while disparaging a competing campaign rally held by Beto O’Rourke.

President Donald Trump: “That was some — that was some crowd. And we had twice the number outside. And then you had this crazy Beto. Beto had like 400 people, in a parking lot.”

CNN reports a hospital official said President Trump showed an “absence of empathy” during the visit. On Thursday, Melania Trump’s Twitter account published a photo from the trip showing the first lady holding a 2-month-old infant who was orphaned when both her parents were gunned down Saturday. In the photo, President Trump stands next to his wife, flashing a “thumbs up” sign. Both the president and first lady are grinning widely. Relatives brought the child back to the hospital for the Trumps’ visit. The child’s parents, Jordan and Andre Anchondo, died as they shielded their baby from the alleged white nationalist shooter whose online manifesto — published moments before the assault — echoed President Trump’s rhetoric about an “invasion” of immigrants. The baby was grazed by a bullet and was treated for broken fingers.

Explosive Investigation Uncovers Greed & Infighting at NRA, Shattering “Myth” of the Group’s Power

Is the National Rifle Association imploding? As the nation grieves over another deadly school shooting, we turn to look at how internal turmoil inside the NRA threatens the future of the gun lobbying group. A major new report published by The Trace in partnership with The New Yorker finds that while the NRA has blamed its recent financial woes on left-wing attacks on the Second Amendment, the real damage to the organization comes from within. Chief among the NRA’s problems is its three-decade-old relationship with Oklahoma-based public relations firm Ackerman McQueen. The firm, which is behind the NRA’s imaging, messaging and most of its initiatives, was paid more than $40 million dollars in 2017. We speak to Mike Spies, staff writer at The Trace.

Louisiana shooting: Police arrest suspect Dakota Theriot

Dakota Theriot pictured after his arrest at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. 26 Jan 2019Police arrested Dakota Theriot at his grandmother’s home in Virginia

US police have arrested a man suspected of killing five people, including his parents, in two separate but related shootings in the state of Louisiana.

Dakota Theriot, 21, was caught on Sunday, 1,770km (1,100 miles) away at his grandmother’s house in Virginia.

Saturday’s shootings were in Livingston and Ascension parishes, south of Louisiana state capital Baton Rouge.

Authorities said the other victims are a woman thought to be his girlfriend, and her brother and father.

Police believe Mr Theriot stole his father’s grey and silver Dodge Ram pick-up truck, before driving to shoot his parents, Keith and Elizabeth Theriot.

He had a gun with him at the time of his arrest, which authorities say he dropped without confrontation.

He faces charges of first-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon and home invasion.

What happened on Saturday?

Authorities say Dakota Theriot was in a relationship with 20-year-old Summer Ernest, and that Mr Theriot had been staying with her family for several weeks.

At around 09:00 local time (15:00 GMT), police were called to a trailer park in Livingston parish, where they found Summer, her father Billy Ernest, 43, and her brother Tanner Ernest, 17, shot and killed in their mobile home.

A neighbour told local media two children were in the Ernest home at the time of the shooting, and ran to her home distressed but unharmed.

Shortly after, other police officers were called for “domestic incident” in the city of Gonzales, 25 miles (40km) south of Baton Rouge, Ascension Sheriff Bobby Webre said.

When they arrived, they found Elizabeth Theriot, 51, shot dead in her bedroom, while her husband Keith, also 51, was still alive.

He told the officers that their son, who had recently been told to leave their house and not return, was the gunman. He was taken to a hospital but later died of his injuries.

What do we know about Dakota Theriot?

After the shootings in Louisiana, Dakota Theriot began the 16-hour drive towards his grandmother’s home in Warsaw, Virginia.

Police there had been in contact with his grandmother who had feared her grandson would show up. Officers were in the home when Mr Theriot drove up in what was believed to be the stolen truck.

He was taken into custody without incident in Richmond County, Virginia, and will be returned to Ascension to face charges.

Richmond County Sheriff Stephan Smith told the Advocate newspaper that the suspect appeared tired.

“There were some statements made but at this time that’s part of the investigation,” he said.

“My family met him last weekend at a birthday party and didn’t get good vibes from him,” Crystal DeYoung, Billy Ernest’s sister, told the Associated Press news agency.

Kim Mincks, a neighbour of Keith and Elizabeth Theriot, told the Associated Press that the 21-year-old had been recently kicked out of his parents’ home over his drug use.

“His dad kicked him out of here. He did have a violent streak.”

In a Facebook page that appeared to belong to him, there was a repost made in June saying “wish i could clear my mind jus for one day” (sic) with a sad emoji.

In May, he posted a message which said: “If you have a problem with me, tell me. Not everyone else.”

Texas drive-by gunman kills seven year old Jazmine Barnes. [gun control, anyone?]

“I knew she was gone”: Jazmine’s mother speaks from hospital

A manhunt is under way in Houston, Texas, for a gunman who attacked a young family in a drive-by shooting, killing a seven-year-old girl.

Jazmine Barnes, her three sisters and mother, LaPorsha Washington, were driving when an unknown man pulled up alongside them and opened fire.

Jazmine and Ms Washington were shot, and the seven-year-old died in the backseat as a result of her wounds.

Police believe they were targeted at random and have not confirmed a motive.

Authorities say the unidentified gunman is a bearded white male in his 40s, wearing a red sweatshirt, according to Ms Washington’s 15-year-old daughter, who got a glimpse of the man.

Jazmine BarnesJazmine Barnes was shot and killed on Friday by an unknown gunman

He reportedly pulled up beside the family’s car in a red pickup truck on Sunday morning and began firing with no provocation, Harris County Police said.

“We’re going to leave every motive out there as a possibility,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said during a news conference on Monday, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Ms Washington, 30, was shot in the arm during the attack and her six-year-old daughter was injured by the broken glass.

From her hospital bed, Ms Washington tearfully told KHOU 11 News: “I replayed this moment in my head over a million times to see – did I cut this man off?

A photo of the red truck police are looking forA nearby business found security camera footage of the gunman’s vehicle

“Did I make a wrong turn in front of him?”

“Did I do anything wrong to cause this man to fire shots at my car? I didn’t.

“I didn’t do anything. He fired off at us for no reason.”

At Monday’s news conference, the sheriff urged anyone with information to come forward, asking locals to review security camera footage in their homes or businesses to help track down the gunman.

“Yes, we know we’re in Texas. Yes, we know we have a lot of pickup trucks out there,” Mr Gonzalez said.

“But when you put the pieces together, consider that we’re looking for a bearded man, possibly in his 40s, driving a red pickup truck. This could be your neighbour. This could be your co-worker.”

He also called on the gunman to turn himself in to avoid any further violence.

Jazmine’s father, Christopher Cevilla, told reporters his daughter was a “loving, caring” young girl.

7-year-old Jazmine BarnesSeven-year-old Jazmine Barnes was in the second grade

“What if that was your daughter?” he said. “Please step up at this point in time and help me and my family get justice for my baby girl.”

The images of the pickup truck have been widely shared online as the manhunt continues.

Ava DuVernay, director of films Selma and A Wrinkle in Time, was one of the many voices on social media calling for the gunman’s capture, sharing the family’s story in a tweet.

Some social media users are suggesting the attack was a hate crime, although police did not say they are treating race as a factor in the shooting.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt and activist Shaun King have offered a $50,000 (£39,600) cash reward for anyone who can help capture the suspect.