Maine: On Bree Newsome and Maulian Dana at Portland High. – Jaqui Voltaire

Hi All, This e-mail started to just share about one event that I felt was worthy of all of you hearing and knowing about and then as I worked through my millions of e-mails and FB messages I found that there were several things worthy that share and so I have added it to this one e-mail rather then doing the work of sending it all separately. I hope that some of this resonates with you. Please feel free to share.
Last night Bree Newsome [who climbed the flag poll to take down the Confederate flag in SC] and Maulian Dana, [who is leading the fight to remove Indian Mascots from Maine schools] along with the wonderful Maine Artist of Americans Who Tell the Truth, Robert Shetterly, who MC’d and asked all the right questions, spoke at Portland High School to a full house of activists and people from all over Maine. In what, to me, was one of the best showing of solidarity for humanity I have had the pleasure to attend.

In the picture below are Bree Newman, Maulian Dana and Pious Ali, Portland City Councilor, who presented both women with Keys to the City of Portland stating that that means they are welcome in Portland whenever they want. Then is the painting of Bree Newsome that Robert Shetterly did for his Americans Who Tell the Truth collection. And then the video of the event. Which sadly the sound and the lights on the stage are not too good.
I am also including the video of Breen taking down the confederate flag.
Next is a video footage of presentations at the Tribal-State Relationship Training by James Francis, Penobscot Nation Tribal Historian & Director of the Tribe’s Dept of Cultural & Historic Preservation; Dr. Darren Ranco, Chair of Native American Studies at UMaine Orono & Penobscot Tribal member; and Nicole Friedrichs, from the Suffolk University Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples Clinic & author of the 2017 report, “The Drafting and Enactment of the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act”, commissioned the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission. Recorded & edited by Sunlight Media Collective.
Lastly but certainly not the least of importance is a video of Dr. Robin DiAngelo discussing ‘White Fragility’.