U.S. to Expand Green Zone in Kabul—and U.S. War in Afghanistan; We’re gonna be there for years = U.S. Taxpayer money and dead taxpayers.

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The U.S. military is planning to massively expand the Green Zone in Kabul, Afghanistan—signaling the U.S. war in Afghanistan will continue for years to come. The planned expansion will take two years and will dramatically reshape Kabul, where 5 million people live. The U.S. military is also planning to deploy thousands more U.S. troops to Afghanistan. Kabul has been the target of deadly suicide bombings this year, including a massive bombing in May that killed more than 150 people.


White House Considering Unprecedented Plan to Privatize War in Afghanistan!

The White House is considering an unprecedented plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan at the urging of Erik Prince, founder of the now-defunct private mercenary firm Blackwater. Prince told USA Today the plan would include sending 5,500 private mercenaries to Afghanistan to advise the Afghan army. It would also include deploying a private air force—with at least 90 aircraft—to carry out the bombing campaign against Taliban insurgents. The plan’s consideration comes as a federal appeals court has overturned the prison sentences of former Blackwater contractors who were involved in a 2007 massacre in Nisoor Square in central Baghdad, killing 17 civilians when they opened fire with machine guns and threw grenades into the crowded public space